About Pioneer Living

Pioneer Living With A Modern Twist version 1.0 was created on June 26, 2012 as a way to log my journey as I tried to build a more eco-friendly and self-sufficient lifestyle. Unfortunately, due to a hectic lifestyle after a big move, I slowly stopped blogging.

Version 2.0 started back up in February 2015, and is better than ever. I have a smoother, more user friendly interface with more focused blog posts.

It is my core belief that as human beings, we should strive for tikkun olam, or to repair the world. This is a Jewish idea that we should do what it takes to make the world a better place for our children. I am a firm believer that every change matters! Whether you are switching to reusable grocery bags, buying your produce from a local farmer, or starting a compost bin, every change makes a difference in making the world a better place for future generations.

I encourage readers to give their insight, input, and questions freely. I have a strict "No Judging" rule based on how much or little anyone does to heal their part of the world and comments are moderated. I want everyone to feel safe when they comment. I am open to guest posts. Just ask on the contact page!

Stay green my friends!

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